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Helping Teens Survive & Thrive in High School:
Real Life Guidance to Helping Your Teen with High School

As a parent, you know time flies by. It may seem like just yesterday that your teen was a toddler, learning to count and recognize colors. And now, they are in high school, getting ready to learn to drive!!

This can be both an exciting time, as well as a difficult time. Your teen is ready to exert some independence, but they still need guidance to help them make the best decisions possible. It can be very difficult to remain close to your child, allow them to have independence, and at the same time provide much needed (if unwanted) guidance.

But there is help you for you. Right here and right now...

In This Instantly Downloadable Real Life Guidance Report, You'll Discover...

The 'Real Life Guidance to Helping Your Teen In High School' guide shows you how you can allow your teen to have some independence while providing support and guidance to them as they make their way through high school, and the best part is that you can get started right now!

Here's just a bit of what you'll find inside:

Find Their Identity- These are the years that your child is forming their own identity. They are constantly asking themselves "Who am I?" Learn how to help them through this and how to act when your child rebels against things (pg. 6).

Making Friends and Avoiding Bullies - High school is probably the first time your teen is taking classes with students in grades other than their own. Your freshman may have classes filled with juniors and seniors! It can be hard to make friends and most teens deal with some type of bullying during school Learn how to help your teen handle these situations (pg. 8).

Handling Peer Pressure - During the teen years, children grow especially close to their friends. Learn how to establish the type of bond with your teen that will prevent them from falling into the traps of peer pressure (pg. 12).

First Romantic Relationships and Dating Rules - For most teens, the high school years are the time when they start dating and having romantic relationships. Learn how to set rules early and make sure your teen is experiencing a safe, healthy dating relationship (pg. 15).

Dealing with the Pressures of School Work - The volume of work and pressure to excel in school can be a lot to deal with. Learn how to help your child, communicate with teachers, set up an effective homework area, using the Internet and more (pg. 18).

About the Author:
Your Certified Life Coach, Aurelia Williams

Aurelia Williams

Aurelia is a certified life coach who received her Personal Life Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance and is accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is also the host of the popular Parenting My Teen Internet Radio program.

The creation of the the affordable "Real Life Guidance" collection has given her the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping more women find a healthy balance between work, family and self.

As a work-at-home mother of 3 herself (plus raising her own brother), she knows exactly what it's like to juggle all the daily responsibilities without losing sanity. This guide will show you exactly who to do that too.

At an easy-to-digest 24 pages (perfect for moms big on love for their teens, but short on time), you can quickly put these suggestions into action. But if you need a little more help...

You'll also receive the following bonus...
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Keeping the Balance: Staying Friends with Your Teenagers & Raising Them To Be Happy & Successful Individuals, is a wonderful resource to help you with topics such as the dangers of cyberspace, drugs and alcohol, angry and depressed teenagers and more.

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I have no doubt that once you learn how to maintain a close relationship with your teens as you   guide them and support them through their high school years.

Here's to Helping Your Teen,

Aurelia Williams
Certified Life Coach & Host of Parenting My Teen Radio


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